The attacks and abuses against Wirikuta, the mestizo inhabitants of the mountains and the Plateau, and the people Wixárika in the past five centuries have been numerous, but we are now facing what is perhaps the greatest threat to this sacred place, it because that besides the presence in the region of the tomato plants, the damage they have caused at environmental and social levels, the mining activity that took place in the region until about 20 years ago with the corresponding balance of contamination and deterioration of health for miners, their families and pets, and other unpleasant incidents that occur every year due to violence, abuse of authority, wanton destruction of the land, the First Majestic Silver mining company has obtained concessions for the extraction of silver in the Sierra de Catorce. This involves not only the transgression of the laws and covenants that protect the area Wirikuta and the Wixarika people at national and international recognition they have, but also represent a terrible assault on the environmental balance and health of the inhabitants of this area.

The activities that this and other mining companies seek to develop in Wirikuta are, as those carried out in many other parts of the world, source of irreparable harm of excessive proportions.

The truculent campaign that has caused division among the local people is only one harmful aspect between many more that already live in the region. Chemical substances and methods that involve the procedures used in mining are now destroying at all levels regions where are carried out. The amount of water that this company intends to use to obtain the mineral is irrational, and we are talking about a desert, where water is scarce even for the people and their modest lifestyle. The financial reward promised to the inhabitants of the region in return for labor for the mining company is paltry compared to the gains it seeks by exploit the natural resources which are, as rightly expose the Wixaritari’s, a sacred place as is all the land.


The so-called mestizos who for various reasons have come to join forces and prevent this heinous attack, have gathered the information on which this exhibition is based, are carrying out actions to protect not only the territory we call Wirikuta but also all the similarly threatened or violated. The original peoples and the mestizos who live on their education are working at these levels and in prayer to preserve the invaluable heritage we have in our hands and that belongs to the youth, children and future generations.

As many other regions, this one has been neglected in regard to employment generation, or in other words, people no longer have the ability to produce income for their families, either by forget the way of life of the ancestors, either by the pressure imposed by the bad called “progress” and the marketing techniques. The migration of young people to find other ways to generate money has been one of the factors used by the mining company and others to deceive the population.

Finding reliable sources of work to enable residents to have clean water and productive lands as well as recover the spiritual link with the place they live is a task we have as mestizos or rather as inhabitants of this planet and we must take it into our hands. Finding these ways, make proposals and monitor its development is our work.