What is “The Skin of the Desert”?

The Skin of the Desert” is the title of a photo-literary chronicle in a bilingual edition (Spanish-English). This chronicle tells the story of what happened during the “Traditional Report” conducted by the representatives of the wixárika people (Huichol) in the Cerro Quemado, near the Mexican town of Real de Catorce, on the 6th and 7th of February, 2012.

In this work, by means of rigorous inquiries, artistic convictions and a highly respectful attitude towards the wixárika culture, we combine the possibilities of visual and literary languages to raise awareness on the wixárika people’s rich worldview and defend the bio-cultural magnificence of Wirikuta.


What happened during the wixárika “Traditional Report”?

For the first time representatives of all communities set out on a pilgrimage to Cerro Quemado to consult their deities on the steps to be taken with regard to the exploitation of the sacred area by mining and agro-industrial companies.

Having consulted with their deities, the wixaritari announced the alliance of all communities to fight against and prevent the establishment of any industry that would threaten the bio-cultural heritage of the sacred area of Wirikuta.


Who is behind “The Skin of the Desert”?

The Skin of the Desert” is possible because of the work of a group of a group of people scattered across different countries (Belgium, England, Canada and Mexico, among others) working on the project under the name of “Colectivo Carcoma“.

The authors of the chronicle are Luis Ramírez Trejo and Christian Palma Montaño. In addition to the authors, many people collaborate on the project. Fabian Espinosa is in charge of the art design for the book and the website, the English translation is done by Laura Vega Meyer, and Tine Defoor and Coyle Lindy work on the promotion of the project.

If you are interested in our professional background, you can se the link “about us” in our page lapieldeldesierto.com.


The Project has the consent and support of “Frente de Defensa de Wirikuta” (Wirikuta Defense Front) from which the “Consejo Regional Wixárika” (Wixárika Regional Council) is part of.

The Skin of the Desert | La Piel del Desierto

What is the political intention of “The Skin of the Desert”

Colectivo Carcoma“, far from hiding under some supposed neutrality, joins in the struggle to put value on the rich cultural heritage of the wixaritari and defend the sacred desert of Wirikuta. That is the reason because, after paying for the publishing costs, 50% of the proceeds obtained during the raising fund campaign and from the total sale of the book and promotional items will be directly donated for the care of the wixaritari ceremonial centres, and for the support of projects managed by the wixárika communities.

We, the “Colectivo Carcoma“, in one way or another share the view that the opportunity to change the world rests more on the drive and responsibility of those who take their ideals seriously, rather than on the dreams and goodwill that pile up on the shelves of oblivion.


What is the publishing policy of “The Skin of the Desert”?

The chronicle will be openly published with a Creative Commons license. In an effort to spread the work as widely as possible, the chapters of the book will be released periodically during the fundraising campaign. On launch day the last chapter of the book is to be released and that will make “The Skin of the Desert” fully available in PDF format so that all those interested can access it freely, the only requirement being an internet connection.


What do we need?

The publication of all the material demands a minimum investment of about €7,500 or $10,000 USD. A much comfortable estimate reaches the €8,700 or $11,300 USD. If we succeed in raising more money, we can improve substantially the quality of the book (e.g. we can make a book with a beautiful hard cover).


What are the specifications for the book and the promo items?

The book will be published in a square format (25 x 25 cm). It has 140 pages made from couché paper of at least 130 gr. and printed in full color. (The amount of pages may be different depending from the final printing requirements).

Post cards will be printed in couché paper of 300 gr. (9 x 5 cms).

Posters will be printed in sulfatade paper (35 x 45 cm).

You will be able to choose t-shirts among several design in sizes small, medium and large.

During this raising fund campaign, we will publish pictures of all promo ítems.

The Skin of the Desert | La Piel del Desierto

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