Press Release


Illegal exploration activities are performed with complete impunity

According to the mining law, not having permits and environmental authorizations is a cause for cancellation of concessions.


On Friday, March 1, 2013, integral authorities of the Wixárika Regional Council appealed to the Secretary of the Economy demanding the cancellation of seven mining concessions in which illegal exploration as part of the so-called Proyecto Universo which covers the entire lowland of the sacred ceremonial territory of Wirikuta and threatens several major shrines where the Wixárika people conduct their pilgrimages, camp, and pray in all-night ceremonies.

The seven mining concessions are held by the Canadian company Revolution Resources, investor in several national concessionaries of mining lots called: SAN MARTÍN, LA PRESA 6, OH-3, OH-2, La Guadalupana and Ampliación Universo.

Without the required permits or authorizations for either Environmental Impact or Change of Land Use, exploration works were found in their mode of drillings, potholes and ditches.

It is noteworthy that in a report addressed to its shareholders, the company Revolution Resources proposed the drilling of 52 points, 16 of which are within the natural protected area called Wirikuta. It is important to note that in the places referred to in the report in question, evidence currently exists of recent exploration activities, and a deep excavation was discovered in the form of an open pit measuring 60 meters in diameter and a depth of 13 meters for which purposes are not clarified.

The Mining Law determines that concessions and mining allotments will be canceled for committing any of the violations listed in the Act, including those that are performing “Exploration and exploitation activities within the natural protected areas without authorization, permit or concession from the authorities who are in charge of the referred goods on the terms set forth in the applicable provisions.”

The Wixárika people also request the Secretary of the Economy to cancel those concessions in which have been documented activities without their corresponding permits and authorizations since the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), between Nov. 17 and 19 November, from 5 to 7 December, 2011 and from 11 to 13 January 2012, received evidence and testimony to reflect that, even though the company First Majestic Silver and its subsidiary Minera Real Bonanza SA de CV is not performing strict exploitation activities, it is performing acts that demonstrate the preparation for the launching of the mine, as stated in Recommendation 056/2012.

The law states a term of 15 working days to the federal government to response to the request, so we are convened to stay alert.


March 4, 2013