Mexico City, May 24, 2012.

For the editors, reporters and columnists in the national and international media and the general public.

The Regional Council Wixárika through

The Wirikuta Defense Front – Tamatsima Wahaa

has the honor to invite you to the

Press Conference

which will take place at the Human Rights Centre Miguel Agustin Pro,

Friday 25 May 2012 at 14.00hrs.

Serapio Rendón no. 57-B,

Colonia San Rafael, Mexico City

* The Regional Wixárika Council authorities shall make known their position on the announcement today by the federal government on a number of measures for ambiguous and misleading partial protection of Wirikuta.

** In the absence of most of the Traditional, Civil and Agrarian Authorities of the Wixárika People, the lack of a free, prior and informed consultation about the insufficient measures and previous consensus, Wixaritari authorities clarify the meaning of the government announcement and lack of clear and transparent information, with which they have confused the public opinion.

Accompanying the Wixárika Regional Council will be members of the Aho Collective, such as Ruben Albarran, and other artists who will be participating in Wirikuta Fest.

We appreciate your punctual presence at this conference.