San Luis Potosi, Real de Catorce “Wirikuta” on  February  7,  2012


Brothers and sisters from the states of Durango, Jalisco and Nayarit of the following ceremonial centers and communities: Santa Catarina, Pochotita, Las Latas, San Sebastian, San Andres Cohamiata, Ocota de la Sierra, Tuxpan de Bolaños, las Guayabas, Cohamiata, El Ciruelillo, Guadalupe Ocotan, El Nayar, Tepic, Zitakua, Cerro de los Tigres, San Jose, Santiago Ixcuintla, Mesa Nuevo Valey, Bancos de Calitique, Bancos de San Hipolito, Puerto de Guamuchil and Mezquital Durango, meeting today we make the following:


To continue the task initiated by the Wixárika People and Civil Society Organizations, we make publicthe following information to society in general:

FIRST. Taking into consideration that the sacred sites we have inherited from our ancestors, a path which we have continued walking along to the four cardinal points; is why in a respectful and peaceful way we defend what for us is our essence of life.

SECOND. From this Ceremony which has taken place with the people present, more spiritual links have been created and these links strengthen our path towards respect for cultural diversity.

THIRD. We reaffirm that the ancient knowledge inherited by our parents and elders is a legacy for humanity and the world.

FOURTH. These sacred sites are schools for the spiritual formation of the Wixárika people, so when projects that damage this environment are undertaken, on that day our hearts are saddened and our cultural heritage dies.

FIFTH. We declare that this meeting is transcendental and historical because of the close cultural relationship that unites us and because our spiritual path is guided by the same color of the corn, the deer and the jicuri.

SIXTH. We will continue defending our sacred place, Wirikuta, from the mining concessions that seek to destroy our natural resources and our ancient way of life.

SEVENTH. We offer and ask for respectful treatment of our brothers, the inhabitants of the protected area of Wirikuta, because our spiritual struggle is not against their family or economic welfare but for protection of the ecosystem and heritage of our mother earth.

EIGHTH. We demand greater sensitivity from the competent authorities to give attention to theseprojects through Free, Prior and Informed Consent of the people.

NINTH. Our appreciation and gratitude to all those people, organizations, civic networks, universities, artists, intellectuals, media and international NGOs who have supported and backed this cause making us feel that we are not alone in this task; we began together and we will arrive together to end this cycle with a positive outcome.

TENTH. Finally, we inform the public that the Wixárika people are united in this spiritual struggleand as a consequence we will not allow our cultural heritage and our coexistence with our ancestors and Mother Earth to die-

Hereby signed and sealed by the communal and local authorities.

Juan Torres González, Presidente comisariado Tuapurie-Santa Catarina

Fermín Muñoz Carrillo, Gobernador Tradicional Comunidad Mesa de Nuevo Valey

Felipe Serio Chino, Unión Wixárika

Santos de la Cruz Carrillo, Presidente Bienes Comunales autónomo de Bancos de San Hipólito, Mezquital, Durango

Totopica Robles Tela, Presidente de cultura, Tuapurie-Santa Catarina, Mezquitic, Jalisco.

Alejandro Carrillo Enriquez, Consejo de Vigilancia de la Comunidad de Santa Catarina de Cuexcomatitlán

Pascual Pinedo Hernández Gobernador de la Comunidad de Santa Catarina Cuexcomatitlán

Marcos Torres Robles. Juez auxiliar de la Comunidad de Santa Catarina Cuexcomatitlán