During the last days of October the Wixarika people performed a series of actions and demonstrations in defense of the Sacred Land of Wirikuta, during which thousands of people expressed their support for the preservation of this sacred area, one of the main indigenous prayer centers in the world and fundamental to the survival of the Wixarika people’s living culture which has managed to preserve a close bond with nature and their ancestors.

For the Wixarika people, the balance of life in the universe depends on the integrity of Wirikuta and this was clearly expressed during the whole week of activities and throughout the national and international media.


October 26

-       Press Conference of the Wirikuta Defense Front Tamatsima Wahaa

-       Work meeting with the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources.

-       Offering at the hill of Tepeyac.

-       Reception in the gardens of the Library of the National Autonomous University of México and a march from theUniversity Cityto the Faculty of Sciences.

October 27

-       Ceremony with all the communities of the Wixarika people at the pyramid of Cuicuilco to light the candles of life as one whole people.

-       Reception with the students and academics of the National School of Anthropology and History.

-       Internal assembly of the Wixarika authorities at ENAH

-       Meeting with students of various universities ofMexico City.

-     Massive march with more than three thousand people attending, during which a document was delivered to Los Pinos, the official residence of President Calderón.

-       Concert organized by theMesade Arte y Cultura of the Wirikuta Defense Front.

October 28

-       Meeting in the offices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

October 29

-      Ceremony at the sacred place of Chalmita with indigenous tribes from theUnited StatesandCanadarepresented by the Native American Church of North America, together with Chichimeca, Purepecha and Wixaritari people for the sake of the preservation of the sacred area of Wirikuta.

October 31

-     Work session with the Native American Church to create and organize a detailed joint agenda for the defense of Wirikuta

-     Participation in the 24 hour mobilization of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity inMexico City.


November 1

-     Meeting with legislators of the Congress of the Mexican Union

-     Participation in the 24 hour mobilization of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity in Mexico City.

Wirikuta is not for sale, it is to be loved and defended!

Fotografías: Laura Carmen Magaña