Mexico City, October 27th 2011
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa
Constitutional President of the United Mexican States
We are the Wixarika Nation. All our communities together. All the Wixaritari Communities agreed to come with you to demand urgent compliance with the following requests which are based on our constitutional rights and the word that you gave to protect our sacred sites in the covenant Hauxa Manaka in 2008:

1. Cancel the mining concessions granted by the Mexican State in the Protected Natural Area Wirikuta, both in the Sierra de Catorce and in the shallows where the sacred plant Hicuri grows.

2. Curb the megaprojects from agroindustrial enterprises in the area where Hicuri grows.

3. Implement an alternative plan that will generate jobs for local people while it converts Wirikuta on a protected natural area that is a world-renowned model of ecological conservation.

4. Federal rights to ensure the preservation and regeneration of the sacred sites of Xapawiyemeta in the lagoon of Chapala, Jalisco; Hauxa Manaka, Durango and Tatei Haramara in the port of St. Blas, Nayarit to maintain their wixarika cultural heritage status, being shielded from privatization.

5. This is not our first letter. We have delivered the same requests through several commissions of our traditional and agrarian authorities and we have not received a response. Today we come to the Presidential House of Los Pinos to be heared and to request you to keep your word. Our sacred places are treasures of life for everyone. It is your duty as President to protect them, now is the time.

6. Finally we request a personal audience with you, as Head of the Mexican State, in order to establish a working group to solve the above points. We await your response and will return as often as necessary to care for life.



Traditional Authorities

Julio de la Cruz de la Cruz
Traditional Governor of Santa Catarina

Maurilio Ramírez de la Cruz
Second Governor of San Andrés

Agustín Chivarra Reyes                                                                                                                                  T
Traditional Guard Captain of San Sebastián

Francisco González de la Cruz
Local Authority

Angelita Aguilar de la Cruz
Traditional Governor of Bancos de San Hipólito

Antonio López Chivarra
San Sebastián Local Authority

Tutopica Robles Tela
President of the Cultural Community of Santa Catarina

Wixarika Union of Ceremonial Centers

Felipe Serio Chino
Secretary of the Union

Rogelio Vázquez Mijarez
Alternate Secretary of the Union

Agrarian Authorities

Octaviano Díaz Chema
President of the Commissariat for Communal Properties of San Sebastián

Juan Torres González
President of the Commissariat for Communal Properties of Santa Catarina

Santos de la Cruz Carrillo
President of the Commissariat for Communal Properties of Bancos de San Hipólito

Juventino González de la Cruz
President of the Supervisory Board of Tuxpan de Bolaños Community

Alejandro Carrillo Enriquez
President of the Supervisory Board of Santa Catarina’s Community